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House Party Fitness will help you dance away the pounds

If you have not tried the House Party Fitness classes here at Total Fitness you are missing out!!! I never knew how much fun you could have and the workout you could get before I tried it myself, and I must admit it was a blast. From the time you walk in the instructors, Sierra and Q make you feel so comfortable. When the music starts you can’t help but move your body to the beat. They incorporate some really great hip hop songs into the line up so you are singing along and moving your body and before you know it you have worked up a sweat. The total body and heart pumping workout can burn up to 900 calories in one hour. House Party Fitness keeps your body guessing, because muscle confusion breeds results.  You’ll tone your body and strengthen your mind all in a party atmosphere. It’s tailored to be high energy, but can be modified for ALL fitness and dance levels. Classes are held on Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Saturday at 10:30 am. Come check it out!